Learn How to Eat right, Hunt Right, Move Right and Survive!

The Core Bow Hunting Fitness Exercises You’ll Need to Get Ready for the Season

Hunting season is upon us, and while most big game hunters like to rely on a variety of rifles for their hunts, others prefer a bit more of a tried and true method, and one that takes a lot more work. We’re of course talking about archery. One could argue that it makes the hunt […]

Uncovering the Health Benefits of Hunting

Hunting is a lot of fun, but did you know that it provides a lot of amazing health benefits as well? No matter if you are using a bow and arrow, a firearm, or traps, you are moving your body more intensely than in a normal activity. And when you think about how much walking […]

Is it Attainable to Gain Muscles While Burning Fat? Is Body Recomposition Really Possible?

Many of us dream of losing our extra weight, but we also want defined abs. We work out, lift weights, and ensure we eat the best we can. Yet we find that while losing weight, those muscles are just not toning up. Perhaps you have just come to the conclusion that you can not gain […]

Top Seven Hiking Tips For Beginners

A workout regimen that is low impact and a lot of fun that one should consider taking up is hiking. Hiking is not only a great way to become fit and even shredded, but it’s also beneficial for the mind as well. Studies have shown that it helps decrease anxiety in a person and can […]

Foods That Destroy Testosterone & How to Get Your Testosterone Levels Back Up!

Testosterone is very important to maintain your health. It can help to boost strength, helps with sexual drive, and helps gain muscle mass. I have found testosterone to increase when I maintain a weight that is healthy, and also by exercising daily. I do not overeat, as this can cause testosterone levels to decrease as […]

6 Crucial Steps To Cut in Bodybuilding & The Best Natural Oral Steroids to Get Shredded

Most generally, bodybuilders are not huge fans of the cutting phase. The body must shed fat while cutting calories from the diet. This will help the body maintain muscle mass while being lean at the same time. I will not lie to you on this. It is a hard phase to go through that can […]

How to Deal With Bears and Mountain Lions in the Wild

If you plan on being out in the wild, a piece of advice often given is to learn how to deal with attacks from wild animals. They rarely happen, but it is better for one to be on the safe side and know what to do if a mountain lion or bear attacks you instead […]

Twenty Survival Foods For Preppers

If a tragedy strikes, you want to be ready for it. There is a huge likelihood that if you do not have the groceries you need, you may not be able to find them. Grocery stores will sell out of these items rather quickly. Many grocery stores only have a few days worth of food. […]

Tips For Finding Water in the Wild

One of the most important things that I take when I go hiking or spend time in the woods is water. Water is something that you should never be without when outdoors. Dehydration is something that can happen in a matter of a short time, so even if you are only going to be spending […]

Hunting Safety Tips For Beginners

Safety in hunting is essential. Those that are successful in hunter have planned out their hunt and are prepared for what will happen. While it would be great if every hunter prepared for these trips, unfortunately not every hunter does. Here we will focus on hunting safety tips for beginners that are essential in order […]

How to Prepare Yourself to Survive

Have you ever heard a person tell their story of survival? Perhaps the boat they were on sank, but they were lucky enough to escape before it completely went under. Or maybe their plane crashed and they were the only survivor from the flight. It may have been a case of skiing in the winter, […]

Signaling For Help: The Top 10 Ways

If you have ever been lost in the woods, you often panic and can not think clearly. However, it is crucial that you remain calm and signal for help. Many assume the number one thing for them to do is look for food and shelter. While you do want both of these if you are […]