Foods That Destroy Testosterone & How to Get Your Testosterone Levels Back Up!

foods that reduce testosterone

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Testosterone is very important to maintain your health. It can help to boost strength, helps with sexual drive, and helps gain muscle mass.

I have found testosterone to increase when I maintain a weight that is healthy, and also by exercising daily. I do not overeat, as this can cause testosterone levels to decrease as well. It is also important to eat as many fresh foods as you can and get high-quality sleep each night.

There are also foods that can affect a person’s testosterone levels. In this article, I will talk about these foods, as well as ways you can increase this hormone in your body. A review of a testosterone product will also be given to help those that need extra help in boosting their testosterone levels.


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is made in both the male and female body. Males naturally have higher levels than women. The body does a reliable job of retaining levels where they should be in order to sustain a healthy body. This hormone can vary though when certain foods are consumed.


Soy Products

Soy products have been known to make testosterone levels fluctuate. Examples of these foods include tofu and edamame. The phytoestrogens that are found in various soy products could make the body have higher levels of estrogen.

A study on 35 men was done for 54 days. During this time, the men drank soy protein isolate. At the end of the study, the men’s testosterone levels decreased. In another study, rats that consumed phytoestrogens decreased testosterone levels dramatically. However, more research is needed to be done on soy products consumed in both males and females.


Processed Foods

Processed foods are not healthy for anyone to consume. They are full of sodium, high in calories, and have added sugars that are not needed in any diet. Examples of processed foods include pre-packaged foods and snacks, frozen meals, or canned soups.

These foods are high sources of trans fats. Heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation are linked to this type of unhealthy fat.

A study done on 209 men found that consuming high amounts of trans fats decreased their testosterone levels by 15% versus those men who had lower intakes of the trans fats. There was also a 37% lower sperm count in these males with a decline in testicular volume.



Two of the most common types of mint- spearmint and peppermint-have affected levels of testosterone. A month-long study was done on 42 women who drank herbal spearmint tea. At the conclusion of the study, there was a significant decline in testosterone levels. A similar study done on rats showed that administering spearmint essential oils for 20 days also resulted in a drop in the hormone.

Rats were also given peppermint tea in another study. At the end of the study, these rats had a decrease in testosterone.

Most of the studies that have been conducted have been done on either rats or women. More research is needed on males, as well as more studies on females to see further how these herbs affect the hormone levels.



Limiting alcohol consumption could be a safe bet if you are worried about your testosterone levels. However, this is only for males. Studies have found that while male’s levels are lowered, women’s levels actually raise. Those that drink on the heavy side or on a regular basis will see the biggest impact of decreased levels.

A study on 19 healthy adults was conducted who drank 30 to 40 grams of alcohol per day. In a period of 3 weeks, testosterone dropped 6.8%.


Licorice Root

Many candies use licorice root to make them sweeter. Often they are used to make drinks on the sweeter side too. Licorice root should not be confused with the candy licorice. This candy rarely contains any licorice root. Those that take holistic medicine will find licorice root is used in these as well.

One study was conducted on 25 males. They were given 7 grams of licorice root daily. After just one week, there was a 26% decrease in testosterone.

This also applies to women as well. One study done found that when 3.5 grams of licorice root was given to females daily, there was a 32% decrease after just one menstrual cycle.


Vegetable Oils and Other Fats

A study of 69 males found that eating polyunsaturated fats, such as vegetable oil( including corn, canola, and soybean oils), greatly reduced testosterone levels.

One other study showed that healthy young males who ate trans fats had lower testosterone levels. Omega-6 fatty acids consumption could also decrease this hormone.
A study performed on 31 ladies with polycystic ovary syndrome found that almonds and walnuts showed an increase in the protein sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). When almonds were eaten, there was an increase by 16%, while walnuts saw an increase of 12.5%. However, when SHBG is bonded with testosterone, levels of free testosterone in the body is lowered.

Typically nuts are full of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Many studies show that this type of fatty acid will decrease testosterone levels.


How to Increase Testosterone

I have found that it is not very difficult to increase testosterone levels in the body. One thing that is easy for me to do is to sleep more. By adding an extra hour a night, I am able to allow my body the time to produce more of this hormone.

Fresh foods are a focus of every meal for me. I try to avoid many of the foods that are listed above. And every day I make sure to do some physical activity, whether that is running, lifting weights, or shooting hoops.



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