Is it Attainable to Gain Muscles While Burning Fat? Is Body Recomposition Really Possible?

Man building muscle while losing fat

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Many of us dream of losing our extra weight, but we also want defined abs. We work out, lift weights, and ensure we eat the best we can. Yet we find that while losing weight, those muscles are just not toning up.

Perhaps you have just come to the conclusion that you can not gain muscles while removing excess pounds. But that is simply not true. You can in fact do both, but it is not a simple feat to do.

Of course you might have seen many articles or Youtube videos telling you that “Main-gaining” is a typical thing to do (Maintaining weight while gaining muscle), but you may be surprised that most fitness influencers on the internet use anabolic steroids to achieve their fitness goals and actually make it possible to “Main-gain” or achieve body recomposition. You can of course use legal steroids or testosterone boosters, which at least don’t have the side effects of anabolic steroids, but don’t expect nearly the same results (Not even close actually).


Muscle Gaining and Fat Loss

Removing excess weight and gaining muscle are two completely different processes. Unfortunately, these two processes often interfere with each other.

To produce muscles, your physique ought to have additional fuel intake to use. The excess calories will allow the body to have the stamina it requires to restore itself. This will then allow your body to gain muscles.

On the flip side, in order to have fat loss, you need to intake fewer caloric nutrients. As you take in fewer calories per day, you resume losing your maintained weight.

So how can you achieve both? By heeding the tips listed below, you can have the best chance to gain muscle while burning fat.


Tips For Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

The following tips can help you shed the unwanted weight you carry while toning up the muscles. This will work wonderfully for someone who is overweight. If you are a skinny fat person, my advice to you is to bulk up then cut, without trying this body recomposition process.


You Are What You Eat

We have all heard this phrase, but it is 100% true. Look for foods that are low in calories but high in nutritional value. This will allow the body to maintain the calories it requires without taking in additional calories. You will be able to nourish the body, which is essential in a weight loss and muscle gain program.

Remember that when trying to lose pounds, exercise is only about 20% of what your program should consist of. The other 80% is what you are eating. If you are eating crappy foods that are not nourishing the body, it will be hard to remove those unwanted pounds.


Weight Lifting

If you desire to remove fat and gain muscles, add weights two or three times per week to your workout. You should talk with a trained professional about how much weight you can safely lift. Ideally, the weight should be heavy enough to tire your muscles and cause them to fail. As a result, the muscle will be able to break down and tear. While the muscle is repairing, it will become more defined and stronger.

While lifting weights, be certain you are consuming sufficient caloric intake and sufficient protein intake to nourish the body and assist in muscle rebuilding. If you do not do this, the body will use your muscle mass to give vitality to itself, which is contrary to what you want.

High Protein Foods

Foods high in protein should be on your list of things to eat. A steady calorie intake deficiency while consuming adequate amounts of high protein will aid the body by burning more calories than you take in. It likewise furnishes the body with adequate nutrients and exuberance to overhaul the muscles. Protein-rich meals and snacks are critical elements to both losing weight and gaining muscle.

It makes sense to eat protein if you are trying to lose weight as it is the most filling macronutrient there is. Eating protein will allow your body to stay full for longer, which means less calorie intake throughout the day.

Eggs are an excellent food full of protein. They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and there are so many ways to prepare them. Consider hard-boiled eggs for a snack, or scrambled eggs in a tortilla shell for breakfast.

Cottage cheese is also high in protein and can be enjoyed as a side to your meal. Chicken breasts, lentils, almonds, Greek yogurt, lean beef, and fish can also be incorporated into a high-protein diet.


Eat Every Three Hours

Many individuals have the concept that in order to lose fat, you need to starve yourself. This is simply not true. If you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or do both, you need to eat every three hours. This tip however works only if you are overweight to begin with, it helps to shock the system somehow.

Eating every three hours keeps your metabolism going and provides energy to the body. Think of your body as a fire. As you keep adding new wood to the fire, it will keep burning. But if you stop adding wood, the flame will go out.

It Takes Time

Remember, losing weight and gaining muscle takes time. It is not going to happen overnight. Some may be able to drop weight quickly, which may seem great, but that makes muscle loss occur as well.

Be prepared to lose one to two pounds per week. You should also note that you may make excellent gains, to begin with, but as you keep working out, they may slow down. This can be expected.


Wrap Up

Weight lifting and eating fewer calories will allow the body to use fat stockpiles as energy and possibly gain muscle mass. Choosing meals high in protein is a critical factor in both losing body weight and gaining muscle together. Remember that altering the body won’t happen overnight. Be patient and you’ll gain benefits that can last a lifetime.

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